Cheapest Bulk SMS Website In Nigeria. The leading bulk sms service provider in Nigeria has made it simple for clients to buy sms credits using the easiest and modernized payment methods. There are five (5) ways to buy sms credits on NetBulkSMS. Online Payment using your ATM cards issued by Nigerian banks, Online transfer via internet banking, cash deposit into any of our bank account, ATM Fund Transfer, USSD (bank code) and Mobile App Transfer.

This page covers the whole payment methods we accept, just spare a little time and go through it, then choose the one you're comfortable it.

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You can easily pay using your ATM card from the comfort of your home and have your account credited automatically.



♦ Six simple steps to make payment online.

 NOTE: If you're buying units worth more than N3,000, ensure you have "Token Device" or enabled "One Time Password" (OTP) on your card, if you haven't How to Register for the Interswitch Safetoken Service to learn how to activate yours. If you already have Token Device" or "O.T.P" then proceed. This is for security purpose introduced by all banks for your safety.

1) Login into your NetBulkSMS account or Register if you don’t have an account yet, click on buy SMS on the left corner.

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2) Enter your SMS quantity and Choose VoguePay as payment method and click on submit.

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3) You will be redirected to a new page (Our Payment Processor), then confirm your SMS Quantity and Price rates.

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4) Select to pay using VoguePay(you must have a wallet with Voguepay to use this),Visa,  Interswitch or Etransact/PocketMoney depending on the card you are using, then click Proceed.

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5) Enter your email address and click on make payment, when the Payment platform page appears, enter your card details safely and correctly, Click Pay.

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6) Select your card type, Verve or Naira Master and fill in the spaces.

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NOTE: When the transaction is complete, you will be redirected, if a prompt comes up for this, Click Ok. If your transaction was successful, your sms account is credited immediately after payment has been made. 
If you encounter any issues regarding any of your transactions, please Contact Us 


ALERT:  If you are using Visa cards How To Pay With Visa Cards for full tutorial on how to buy sms credits online with your visa card.


 bank transfer

You can also transfer into any of our bank accounts using Internet Banking, USSD (bank code) and Mobile Application Transfer.

Choose the amount of SMS units that you need, multiple it by 1.95 and transfer the amount into our bank accounts below and send your details as follows;

After payment send an SMS/WhatApp like this, paid amount, our bank name you paid into (GTBank or First Bank), your bank account name, your username to 08060864748.

Example:   Paid 19,000, GTBank, bank account name: Mathew John,  username: mathew12 to 08060864748

Note: Using mobile banking application or internet banking write ONLY your account username on narrative/description/remark field.





direct deposit

Choose the quantity that suits your need, multiple the units you need by 1.95 and make payment using the below account details, using your account username as the depositor's name on teller.

After payment send an SMS/WhatApp like this, paid AMOUNT into (GTBank or First Bank), teller number, depositor's name (username) to 08060864748.

Example:   Paid 19,000 into GTBank, teller no: 543769, depositor's name(username): mathew12 to 08060864748.

 PS:  Remember that 1 unit is 1.95, therefore multiple the quantity of sms unit you need by 1.95 to get the actual amount to deposit.




ATM Transfer 273x159

Go here to learn how to do the transfer >>  ATM MONEY TRANSFER

You can also transfer money into any of our bank account from the ATM machine nationwide if you know how transfer fund from one account to another. 

After payment send an SMS/WhatApp like this, ATM MONEY TRANSFER to bank name (GTBank or First Bnak), paid for units, amount paid, the location you made the transfer, NetBulkSMS account username to 08060864748.

Example:   ATM MONEY TRANSFER to First Bank,  Paid for 10,000 sms units, amount:19,000, bridge head Onitsha Anambra,mathew12 to 08060864748 .


Note:  FG stamp charge of 50 NGN is applied to all payment from 10,000 NGN and above. You're to add additional 50 NGN to the the total amount payable.

Notice: Send your payment details immediately after payment to avoid delay crediting your account. Check our terms & conditions page for more information.


Our Bank Accounts Details:

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank)


Account Name: Young Web Solution

Account Number


First Bank

First Bank

Account Name: Young Web Solution

Account Number: 2023138401