1) User Account: We only allow one user per account on this website, any user found with more than one account will be deleted without notice.


2) Spam policy: NetBulkSMS has zero tolerance for spam, any account found sending out spam/fraudulent messages from this website will be tracked down and his or she information handed over to EFCC and Network providers and will also have his/her account freeze without notice.


3) Election SMS: We must be notified before sending election messages that contains the words "VOTE" and "ELECTION" etc failure to do this will result to undelivered messages which no refund will never be issued.


4) Banned spam words: There are some certain words that has been banned from this portal, any message containing any of the BANNED SPAM WORDS will never get a refund for undelivered messages.


5) Change of terms and service: We reserve the right to revise this polices at any time without notice.

6) Refund Policy: No refund of money after payment.


7) Payment: Any payment details not sent to us after 72 hours attracts 20% charge, and payment details not sent after 7 days of payment date attracts 30% charge. Payment details not sent after 30 days will not be credited nor refunded to the payer.

8) Account Validity: Any account inactive for a period of two (2) years will be permanently deleted from our database.

9) User is to ensure He/She maintain a valid email address in the account. Account with invalid email address will be deleted without notice.




Last Updated: 05/10/2018